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Please specify what you are ordering in the payment notes!

Wayfarer Tarot Full Deck - SOLD OUT!

LIMITED EDITION! After three years of hard work, the first edition of the full deck is completed and ready for purchase!

We have only printed a limited number of these decks. We will offer a Wayfarer Tarot online class, the feedback of which will help us in writing the upcoming Wayfarer Tarot book and the input from you, the students, might result in changes to the cards themselves. Be a part of the creation of these unique cards by buying a deck and signing up for our class!

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if you have already purchased a Wayfarer Majors Deck.

$25.00 +$3 s/h

Wayfarer Tarot 2017 Calendar

The Wayfarer Tarot Calendar for 2017 is now available for PRE ORDER! Join the creators of The Wayfarer Tarot for an enchanting year of magic and mystery. This calendar contains a Tarot forecast for each month, as well as ways that you can connect to the Tarot cards every time that you look at your Calendar!

This is an exciting year for us, because we are going to begin printing out Wayfarer Tarot decks. ALL of the proceeds from Calendar sales will go towards the printing of the Wayfarer Tarot deck. The cost of the Calendar is $25.00 plus $3.00 for shipping.

$25.00 + $3 s/h

Wayfarer Tarot Majors Deck

Once upon a time . . . we were selling a Major Arcana only deck. Now we have just a few left. Snap them up if you are interested! 

The Wayfarer Tarot Majors deck is currently printed and ready to go. This part of a Tarot deck, made up of 22 cards, represents the archetypes of our world; the Empress or persona of the Mother, the Hermit or solitary seeker of truth, the Magician who controls the elements to create the world around him. The Majors deck can be used for divination, meditation, and magic.



$5.00 + $3 s/h

Wayfarer Tarot Pendant

Any Wayfarer Tarot card may made into a pendant. We have found wearing a Wayfarer pendant to be a useful way to connect with the energy of any particular card. We can feel that card working with us throughout the day. Wear the Empress pendant to manifest our inner mother, to care for someone, to nurture a project, or to give ourselves some needed extra love. Wear the Death pendant to help to let something go.

Please specify which Wayfarer Tarot card you would like to have as a pendant.

$15.00 + $3 s/h

7"h x 5"w Fine Print on Heavy Paper

This is the choice for a high quality art print on watercolor paper.

Please specify which Wayfarer Tarot card you would like to have as a print.

$18.00 + $3 s/h

7"h x 5"w Print on Photo Paper

This is the choice for a photograph quality print with either a glossy or matte surface.

Please specify which Wayfarer Tarot card you would like to have as a photo print.

$10.00 + $3 s/h

18"h x 12"w Block Mounted Fine Print ------ ready to hang!

The print is mounted to a 1/8" tempered hardboard and protected with premium UV laminates. A 3/4" mdf frame is applied to the back of the assembly, flush with the edges of the print. The side profile is approximately 1" thich and offers a substantial feel to your Wayfarer Tarot print. Ready to hang.

Please specify which Wayfarer Tarot card you would like to have as a mounted print.

$95.00 +$15 s/h

18"h x 12"w Canvas Printed and Stretched - ready to hang!

Canvas prints are stretched on wooden stretcher frames made up of 5/8" stretcher bars. The image does not wrap around the edge. Ready to hang or frame.

Please specify which Wayfarer Tarot card you would like to have as a canvas print.

$128.00 + $15 s/h

Full Wayfarer Deck for those who already purchased the Major Arcana Deck


Dear friends, we switched printers for this new deck, making it hard to match the new Minors cards with the existing Majors. We did not make a deck with just the Minors to complete your existing deck. So we have decided to make it fair to you by giving you a special price of just $10 to buy this complete deck. Please tell us that you are a Wayfarer Majors Deck owner in the comments when you purchase. Thank you for sticking with us through this long path!!




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