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The Wayfarer Tarot is the combined vision of Margaret Shipman and Stacy Salpietro-Babb.

Since 1999, Stacy had been wanting to collborate with an artist to create a Tarot deck. She has had a lifelong fascination with Tarot cards, teaching herself to read cards without the help of any person, class or book. It was explained to her that "If you want to learn to read books, then read books. But if you want to learn how to read cards, then you have to read the cards." And so, she jumped into the magic of Tarot, learning from the cards. As much as Stacy enjoys reading cards, she found that she also had a love for teaching it to others.  She began to bring people through the journey through the 78 cards of the Tarot deck, teaching students how to form a relationship with the spirit of each card.


Margaret had always been interested in Tarot but learning about it in a meaningful way began for her in the spring of 2013 when she took Stacy's 78 Days of Tarot class. She found that she loved learning about the mysteries that the cards represent, and found hat she couldn't wait for each new day, to meet a new card. It was after that first class that Margaret asked if Stacy would be interested in collaborating on a Tarot deck. The two have been working together ever since, forming the ideas that would become the deck called The Wayfarer Tarot. Each card combines Stacy's vision for the meaning of the card and Margaret's visual interpretation.


The goal of the Wayfarer Tarot is to make this ancient oracle accessible for our modern times and to contribute to the ever evolving dialog surrounding the mysteries of Tarot.


All Tarot decks are two decks combined, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Wayfarer Tarot's Major Arcana and Minor Arcana are noticeably different. This difference helps the reader to see the different forces at play right away..

Where the Major Arcana is the deck of the major spiritual forces and archetypes, the Minor Arcana is the deck of the experiences that make up our lives. There are the major points in our lives, and then the day to day experiences that join together to equate to the larger meaning.

The Tarot deck reflects our world, which is a vast Web. The Major Arcana are the main threads in the web that create the structure, and the Minor arcana are the connective threads that pull it all together. All of it weaves together to create the picture that we call 'reality'. The Minor Arcana splits into four different currents of energy, or elements. The Suit of Fire, the Suit of Water, the Suit of Air, and the Suit of Earth. The Ace of Fire is the very first card of the Minor Arcana, the initiating force.


The Wayfarer Tarot guide book that Stacy has written serves to guide you through forming a relationship with the cards and using them to add to your spiritual life through meditation, dream journeys, and magic. The book will also guide you in understanding the cards as a tool for divination.


Below is a series of free videos in which Stacy and Margaret share some of their favorite Wayfarer Tarot cards and the meanings behind the imagery.  For a complete online video class, taught by Stacy follow this link. Thank you for your interest!

Introducing the Wayfarer Tarot
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