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Week 2 Reading

Good morning to the friends of Wayfarer Tarot! Every week, I shuffle the cards and ask for a reading for someone who will read this post. Sometimes it is for many people, other times it is just for one. Just last week there was a reading that ended up being for me too! I never quite know until I post the cards. This week's reading was done on The Wayfarer Tarot, a deck that I co-created with the lovely Margaret Shipman.

If this reading is for you, you are beginning the week with a bit of a precarious balance with the II of Earth. You have a lot of responsibility right now and a lot on your mind. You may be keeping a lot of it to yourself, and really just taking the practical approach of moving forward despite challenge. You make it work because you don't really have a choice! You can't quite drop your responsibilities and so you feel like it just is what it is. Still.. it gets heavy after a while.

There are TWO Pages this week. Pages are messengers in Tarot, and when they pop up, they want to talk to you about something. The Page of Fire shows you something that could transform your situation. I drew another card to see what the Page wanted to talk about, and the High Priestess is the message that appeared. It seems that you are at a gateway right now. The High Priestess is a card of deep silence and spirituality. There is something that you have started to work with, but you have not yet taken it to the next level. With so much on your mind, it may seem counter intuitive to find time for a quiet spiritual practice. But, the High Priestess will teach you how to sit in total silence... right in the center of chaos.

The Sun comes up this week, which feels like the exact opposite of the II of Earth. The Sun suggests that you get outside and enjoy yourself. Take time off when you need to, and you will be more productive. This is a card of finding the ways that you can increase your energy and power. You should take a day off, even if it is not practical. Take a walk in the woods, pick some flowers (or buy some if you are from my area of the world), and consciously bring joy and abundance into your life.

The Page of Air comes up as the key of the week, and is the second messenger of the week to have something to say. This messenger speaks of the wind that is changing... something that is shifting. The X of Fire comes up to speak the words of the Page. You are going to pull everything off. You may not think so right now, but you will. The Pages often come up to speak when people do not believe what will be said. This Page wants to let you know that this too shall pass. It may not be easy, but you absolutely will be successful.

Here is what I see in this reading. The most important thing right now is the two Major arcana cards. Finding peace, balance and stability with the High Priestess, and then spending time in the light and energy of The Sun. Your energy is a little drained after so much hard work. Now it is time to find a way to re-charge yourself, and build your own energy. This shows you two ways to do this, under the Moon and Sun. The cards want someone to know that it's going to be ok. When people get the X of Fire, they are pulling something off that they thought was impossible. If this reading is for you, then you still do not think that you can do it. This is a sure sign that you Will.

With two Pages talking, I wonder what other messages need to be spoken this week! It is a powerful week with the Full Moon and Spring Equinox and it is a great week for a reading! Send me a message at or a text at 802-275-6310 if you would like to set up a reading.

~ Stacy

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