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Week 1

Hello to the friends of The Wayfarer Tarot! I am going to begin posting a reading once a week (specific day to be determined!) using The Wayfarer Tarot. I have been doing this on my Iris X Readings page for quite some time. I shuffle the cards, and ask for a reading for someone who will read this post. Sometimes, it is for many people. Other times, it is just for one person. Then, there are times that I find out later that the reading was for me. I never quite know until I post the reading!

The first card that comes up for the week is The Star. This is a card of healing, but it comes after a challenging time. If not, there would not be a need to heal. With this card, something hard has just happened. The card that comes right before The Star in the Tarot deck is The Tower. There is only so long that something difficult can build up before it reaches a breaking point. This is the Major arcana card of the week, which means that it is the key to the whole week. The kind of healing that is necessary involves a bit of an unthawing process. It is possible that you have felt stuck or frozen for a while. Everything is moving again, and.. that may have it's own challenges.

The IX of Fire is about having Far too much going on. It can make you feel like you are fighting a constant battle. In this card, you have an injury (note that the man in the card has a bandage on his head.. an injury in a Tarot card is important to take note of). Behind you are several flames that you are defending. There is a lot on your plate right now, and you feel like you can't sit down and can't walk away. This experience may be making you feel like you are snapping at people, waving around your fire and telling people to Get back. You are actually closer to the finish line than you think you are right now.

The VIII of Water shows you what would help you in this time. You need to figure something out. There is something that is missing, or not quite coming together. No one seems to have the answer for you, and maybe that is how it is meant to be. There is something that you have to find on your own here. It is time to wander away-a walk alone in the woods may do you some good. You need some space, and you have not been getting it with the constant battle of the IX of Fire.

The last card in the reading represents the 'key' to the week, and it is the Ace of Air. All Aces are the ideal opportunities of the suit, but this one doesn't come without it's serious challenges. The Air suit is the suit of education, and often it educates you when the wind blows hard. This means that you are in a challenging situation that is an opportunity in disguise. You have the potential right now to take something that is hurting you and use it as a way to improve your life. This situation that you are in right now is not an 'Ace' or an 'ideal'; it is all in how you manage it. You will be successful, but it wont be easy.

Here is what I see in this reading. First, in The Wayfarer Tarot, there is a reason that we made the Major arcana cards look different than the Minor arcana. The Major arcana card in the reading shows us what is Actually happening. For the person that this reading is for, the whole point of this time period in your life is healing. That is what your life is about right now. The Minor arcana cards are the events that show you how it feels in your life right now. First, you are feeling totally overwhelmed and at the end of your rope, but you are just about to the end of your challenges. Things are going to let up. What your need to do is to take a walk. There is something important for you to figure out here, and that is your Ace. What initially seems like a negative thing has the potential to turn around. You may have to find out what that is with the VI of Water.

Not an easy week for the person that this reading is for! Focus in on the imagery of The Star card. I firmly believe in the power of the imagery of The Star card to heal the heart, calm the mind, and soothe a tired Spirit. If you are physically ill, meditation with The Star can heal you. Take care! ~ Stacy

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